Friday, June 26, 2020

Are you feeling called to bloom, blossom, thrive?

Yes, she would get a new Foster book. It was a month since she had Snow Sparkle, so surely Mother could not object.

Jane had read it four times–she knew whole passages off by heart. And–she almost thought she would go and see Dr. Travis about that queer pain around the heart.

It had come rather often lately, and the palpitations were becoming annoying, not to speak of an occasional dizzy moment and a queer shortness of breath.

But could she go to him without telling anyone? It was a most daring thought. None of the Dailys ever consulted a doctor without holding a family council and getting Uncle Edmund’ approval.

Y.O.U. and M.E. both knew the best path was to see Dr. Travis, the sooner the better!.


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